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Events we Sponsor

One of Hobgoblin's Aims is to support live music and we have been putting our words into action wherever we can. We set aside a fund for each year and give money to events that we feel we can help and those which are important to us. We've been going to many festivals every year for over thirty five years now and want to see it continue for a lot longer yet!

Sidmouth Folkweek 2005 to present - 1st week of August
Cornwall Folk Festival 2007 to present
Crawley Folk and Beer Festival 2006 to present
2012 Acoustic Festival of Britain 2011 to present
2012 Bristol Folk Festival
Bath Folk Festival 2010 to present
2012 Folk Weekend Oxford
BMG Federation Rally 2010 to present
Ukulele Festival of Great Britain
Gate to Southwell Folk Festival
Radio Britfolk - Britain's first Folk internet radio station
Hands on Music - Concertinas, Melodeons etc. at Witney - Youth places provided by Hobgoblin.
Song Links - Anglo Australian folk song project.
The Folk Directory - Searchable database of clubs, sessions and festivals in the UK

SEFAN The South East England Folk Arts Organisation
Adur Festival
Tenterden Folk Festival 2005 to present
Crawley Folk Festival
Crawley Irish Festival

Bristol Folk Festival
Bath Folk Festival
Folk Around Bristol - Bristol Ceilidh Series
Kushti Session - Bristol based session supported by Hobgoblin in Bristol, featuring East European, Balkan, Klezmer & Gypsy tunes.

Wadebridge Folk Festival - Cornwall youth music competition, and mandolin workshop
2012 Coastline Bluegrass Music Event
Padstow Shoestring Festival
Fiddles at Fowey
Cornish Bluegrass Festival - Hendra Park, Newquay.
Wadebridge Wave-Aid
Lowender Peran which is the main Celtic festival featuring performers from all over the Celtic world including Brittany and The Isle of Man.
St Ives Festival Cornwall
Cornwall Festival of Dance at the Royal Cornwall Show
Bodmin Folk Club (programme production)

The Hobgoblin Festival in Birmingham

Cleckheaton Folk Festival
Leeds School of Music Folk Festival - February 2006, Maggie Boyle concert & workshop.

Return to Camden Town Festival of Traditional Irish Music - Hobgoblin are main sponsors ofthe Noel Hill concert.

Milton Keynes
Unplugged in the Park Milton Keynes 2012
A HREF="" target="_blank">"Riseley Folk" November.2012

Events Organised by Hobgoblin

Crawley Folk and Beer Festival 2012

Wadebridge Folk Festival 2007 to 2011

The Hobgoblin Stage at Sidmouth Folkweek 2005 & 2006 We helped re-launch this great event by getting involved and running a stage every afternoon at the Ham Arena Marquee: Acts included Whapweasel, Jacqui McShee & John Renbourn, Last Night's Fun, Reinhardt Project, Harvey Andrews and others.

The Hobgoblin Festival in Birmingham 2007 & 2008

The Reinhardt Project UK Tour 2005. The family of Django Reinhart brought gypsy jazz to the UK in 2005, sporting Gitane guitars, gigs to take place in Bristol and London and at the Sidmouth Folkweek.
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Definition: type of bellows-blown bagpipe known in Scotland, Ireland and Northern England from 18th century when it was known as Union Pipes. Has a conical chanter which has a two octave range, 3 drones, and 3 keyed chanters known as regulators.
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