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Tenor Guitar Information and FAQs


A 20th century version of the guitar having four strings and a shorter scale.


A Tenor Guitar has 4 strings tuned as a tenor banjo CGDA, sometimes tuned down to GDAE for celtic music using thicker strings. It usually has the same scale length as a 19 ftret tenor banjo.


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The Tenor Guitar came into being around the 1920s when the banjo was losing popularity and the bands were hiring guitar players. A banjo neck put on a guitar allowed pro players to quickly adapt to the guitar craze without re-learning their skills.


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The Tenor Guitar is usually tuned in fifths C G D A (like a tenor banjo) but the alternative Chicago tuning in fourths DGBE (as baritone uke or guitar top 4) is sometimes used.

DGBD and GDAE are also known.

Most Tenor guitars will happily take DGBE tuning though itís a fairly non standard tuning so we would recommend getting some fairly chunky strings due to the short scale length of a tenor guitar. The top 4 strings of a guitar .12 or .13 guage set would do the trick.