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Sitar Information and FAQs


North Indian Classical instrument. The sitar has 7 plucked strings (the upper few of which can be fretted), and around 13 sympathetic strings below the frets which resonate along with the plucked strings.


The sitar is a long-necked lute with a large pumpkin gourd body, and is one of the more common melody instruments in northern India. Some have detachable resonator gourds at the back of the neck. The frets are moveable for optimising tuning toward particular ragas (Indian modes)


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The Sitar has movable/fine tuneable frets on a hollow wood neck which make the instrument unusually light and resonant. Played with one finger pick (misrab), and two fingers walking up and down.

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Definition: Free reed instrument with a keyboard originating in Saxony and Bohemia, now common throughout the world in folk music. Various types include piano and button keyboards, and chromatic and diatonic tunings.
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