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Definition: 1) small, portable, bellow-blown reed organ used in India; player usually sits on ground, one hand fingering keyboard, other pumping bellows. 2) European and American Harmoniums have a pedestal, and foot pedals to pump the bellows. The player sits in a chair and uses both hands!
Introduction: We stock Atlas Indian harmoniums, and we do sometimes also have secondhand European portable harmoniums too.


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Definition: a free reed bamboo mouth organ from both Thailand and Laos, similar to the Chinese sheng.


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Definition: The melodica is a mouth blown free reed instrument with a piano keyboard.
Introduction: Melodicas have become very popular again over the last few years. We stock Scarlatti and Hohner.


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Definition: Japanese version of the Sheng, with a hemispherical shape, sometimes has keys.

Shruti Box

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Definition: A scaled down bare-bones version of an Indian harmonium, used to create droning chords for singing with.
Introduction: It is a bellows blown instrument. Paddles on the front to select the required notes and the bellows is worked with the left hand as in the larger harmonium. Harmoniums and Shruti Boxes are both great to sing along with.
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Definition: Ten string instrument, made from the shell of an armadillo; an Amerindian version of the imported European mandolin; found in Andean region.

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