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Generation Brass Tabor Pipe, D With a red plastic mouthpiece

Generation Brass Tabor Pipe, D

With a red plastic mouthpiece

Item ID: GR23009   Model No: DBF3   
    Product Features
  • One of the most popular penny whistles
  • Mellow tone
  • Made in England
    Product Specifications
  • Brass tabor pipe
  • Red plastic head
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Model Number: DBF3
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Tabor Pipes Information

High Whistles are 6-hole whistles pitched from A up to High G. We offer a very wide range of choice in this section. Chieftain are the choice of many pros, Dixon are massively popular, and we stock all the other leading brands too, Generation, Waltons, Feadog, Clarkes and Shaw.
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Generation: Generation whistles have been made in England since Victorian times. They feature a cylindrical brass tube, plain or nickel plated. This is a tried and tested design popular with professionals and beginners all over the world.   View all Generation High Whistles   View all Generation Products