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Definition: Extremely popular vessel flute usually made of terracotta; all-in-one large, elongated egg-shape with flattened tube in its side and finger holes.

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Waltons D Whistle Display Pack Irish whistle, boxed with instructions in 4 languages

Waltons D Whistle Display Pack

Irish whistle, boxed with instructions in 4 languages

Item ID: GR23063   Model No: 1501   
    Product Features
  • Traditional Irish Penny Whistle Gift Pack
  • Playing instructions included
  • Made from high quality materials
    Product Specifications
  • Brass body
  • Green plastic mouthpiece, Key of D
  • Made in: Republic of Ireland
  • Model Number: 1501
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Metal Whistles, Plastic Top Information

Whistles with a cylindrical metal tube and a plastic mouthpiece tend to give a bright sound and are easy blowing. They can't be played as hard as an all metal alloy whistle.
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Waltons whistles are made by the famous Waltons Music company of Dublin