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Atlas Lute 8 course 11 Maple ribs, ebony pegs

Atlas Lute 8 course

11 Maple ribs, ebony pegs

Item ID: GR36054   Model No: BL-01   
    Product Features
  • Excellent student lute
  • Traditional European renaissance style lute
  • case included
    Product Specifications
  • A full size authentic renaissance style lute as developed throughout Europe. Perfect for solo and ensemble performance.
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Model Number: BL-01
Complete With Case - Complete with Case
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The Oud or Ud is the premier instrument of the Arab world, still played widely and is the ancestor of the Lute. The Cuatro and Tres are popular across Latin America. The Balalaika is a family of instruments, the soprano one here is the lead instrument. Bandurrias and Lauds are traditional in Spain, and roughly correspond to the Italian mandolin and mandola.
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