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Ashbury AB-45 Guitar Banjo Tuned like a guitar! 18 hole tone ring, 2 cord-rods

Ashbury AB-45 Guitar Banjo

Tuned like a guitar! 18 hole tone ring, 2 cord-rods

Item ID: GR39022   Model No: AB-45G   
    Product Features
  • A new sound for guitar players, As used in trad jazz
  • 670mm scale length, 22 fret, 24 tension hooks,
  • Excellent bright, loud tone
    Product Specifications
  • A six string banjo that uses guitar tuning! As played in early trad jazz bands - perfect for guitarists looking for a new sound!
  • Made in: China
  • Model Number: AB-45G
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Other Banjos Information

Several other types of banjo exist, the most popular are the Ukulele Banjo as popularised by George Formby, the Mandolin Banjo (or Banjolin), Plectrum or 4 string G Banjo, and there is even a Guitar Banjo, which makes the banjo sound available to all guitarists.
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