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Definition: type of bellows-blown bagpipe known in Scotland, Ireland and Northern England from 18th century when it was known as Union Pipes. Has a conical chanter which has a two octave range, 3 drones, and 3 keyed chanters known as regulators.
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Price: $395.00

Scarlatti Piano Accordion, 48 Bass. 2v

30 treble keys, 2 voice, 12x4 bass. Red finish

Item ID: GR41007R   Model No: ASCARI   
    Product Features
  • G to C scale range. Over 2 octaves.
  • Complete with hard case and straps
    Product Specifications
  • Made in: China
  • Model Number: ASCARI
Complete With Case - Complete with Case
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Piano Accordion Information

Ideal for beginners, is the 48 bass, usually with 6 rows of 8, allowing accompaniment in the keys of Bb, F, C, G, D, & A. The treble of the 48 and 12 basses usually has 26 keys, just enough for most tunes. A 120 bass with 41 treble keys is the full size model, The bass gives a chromatic scale, and all the chords, in 6 rows of 20 (counter bass, bass, then major chord, minor, seventh, and diminished). The 72 bass usually has a smaller 34 note keyboard, but retains the 6 row bass.
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Advice on Choosing Accordions

Demonstration of the different Accordion sizes by Mark McCabe

The size of the instrument is usually denoted by the number of basses. These basses are arranged in rows of 6 buttons for each key: counter bass, bass, then major chord, minor, seventh, and diminished.
A 120 bass with 41 treble keys is the full size model, and the bass end offer the full article

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Scarlatti Accordions are a great starter instrument They have good reeds, a good quality finish, and a nice case. These accordions are excellent value, and are easily the best we have found in China. The Scarlattis are priced very attractively to enable you to take a chance and see if the accordion is the instrument for you.