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Definition: Greek long necked lute related to the Turkish Saz; 3 or 4 double courses of metal strings. Adopted by Irish musicians more recently.

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Bridget 14inch Tuneable Bodhran 4 1/2 inch Deep. Handmade drum shell are made from multi layer hardwood

Bridget 14inch Tuneable Bodhran

4 1/2 inch Deep. Handmade drum shell are made from multi layer hardwood

Item ID: GX16040C   Model No: COPPER   
    Product Features
  • The outer edge of the shell is rounded with a bearing edge for rim playing
  • The inner ring is handcrafted from multi layer hardwood
  • Custom Tuning Lugs are machined from aircraft grade metal, coated in a black powder coated finish and fastened with black machine screws.
    Product Specifications
  • The goatskin head (comes from a food source first) is hand finished and chemically treated, with the spine of the skin running in the center of the drum, to allow for a more uniform sound. These skins that are perfected by the Bridget Drum Company.
  • Made in: Canada
  • Model Number: COPPER
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Bodhrán Information

The Bodhran (or more accurately Bodhrán) is the traditional Irish Drum. Made from a round wooden frame, with an animal skin stretched over it. The bodhrán (pronounced bow-rahn) is the heartbeat of Irish traditional music, and is a hugely popular choice with our customers. Capable of surprisingly complicated rhythms, when played well it can really lift the music. You don't need to be able to read music to play; get yourself a Bodhrán and you will soon be able to join in with the music.
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Advice on Choosing Bodhrans

All our Bodhráns are good value for money, and they come with a full guarantee - that’s why we’ve sold many thousands of them! However, all Bodhrán skins should be treated with dubbin or oiled regularly so as to avoid difficulties with changes in the weather. This process also gives a new drum the softer sound most players look for. All Bodhráns come complete with beater.

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