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Definition: 1) small, portable, bellow-blown reed organ used in India; player usually sits on ground, one hand fingering keyboard, other pumping bellows. 2) European and American Harmoniums have a pedestal, and foot pedals to pump the bellows. The player sits in a chair and uses both hands!
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Atlas Set of Tabla Drums Chrome plated brass Dagga with cushions and hammer

Atlas Set of Tabla Drums

Chrome plated brass Dagga with cushions and hammer

Item ID: GX17031   Model No: AP-E50   
    Product Features
  • Mango wood and plated brass construction
  • Traditional Indian design
  • Natural skins
    Product Specifications
  • A quality set of Tabla from well established Indian company Bhargava.
  • Made in: India
  • Model Number: AP-E50
Complete With Gig Bag - Complete with Gig Bag
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This section includes the Tabla, Dhol, Dholki, Naal and any other drums we get from time to time from the Indian subcontinent. All our shops stock a small range of the most popular Indian percussion instruments. The North Indian classical Tabla is made up of the wooden dayan and the larger bowl shaped metal bayan. The double ended Dhol or Dholak is a folk drum popular at weddings and celebrations and is played with sticks
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