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Bagpipes Galore Scottish Blackwood Bagpipes

African Blackwood Button Mounts Beaded and Combed, Plain Ferules, Delrin chanter

Item ID: GX26035   
    Product Features
  • Comes with a Surefire pipe reed and synthetic drone reeds
  • Synthetic pipe bag with zipper. Green cover with gold color cords
  • The zipper is located on the bottom of pipe bag providing a more direct access to drone stocks giving easier fitting of moisture control systems.
    Product Specifications
  • Made in: United Kingdom
Complete With Case - Complete with Case
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Scottish Bagpipes Information

The Great Highland Bagpipes are the best known of several types of Scottish Bagpipe, and are very loud and powerful instruments often used in marching bands. The bag is inflated with the mouth, and there are 2 tenor drones, 1 bass drone and an open chanter usually pitched in Bb, but the music is written in A.
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