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Atlas Fun Size Bongos, Blue 15cm & 13cm diameter heads, tuneable, great for kids

Atlas Fun Size Bongos, Blue

15cm & 13cm diameter heads, tuneable, great for kids

Item ID: GR17040B   Model No: AB-593B   
    Product Features
  • Good quality, well made plastic bongos
  • Great fun, easy to play
  • With attractive gift box and tuning key so you can adjust the tension
    Product Specifications
  • Perfect for children
  • Made in: China
  • Model Number: AB-593B
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Bongos Information

Two small drums, one larger (and lower pitched, usually by about a fifth) than the other which are held between the knees and played with both hands. Bongo drums have been traced back to Cuba in the late 1800s, and are still largely associated with Latin music. There is some evidence to suggest that bongoes were brought to Cuba from Africa by slaves under the Spanish, and were previously used by some African tribes in religious ceremonies.
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