Folk & Acoustic Musical Instrument Specialists


From Beginner to Expert

  • We want to give beginners a chance to take up a folk instrument, as well as to provide the best for those who already play.

A Commitment to Traditional Music

  • We aim to encourage more people to discover and enjoy English, Irish, Scottish & Welsh traditional music, as well as all the many other types of folk music now played these islands
  • Everyone at Hobgoblin is involved in folk music; most of us are regularly gigging musicians. We provide employment to a growing number of folk musicians, makers and repairers, we support many live music events across the country and our record label gives an outlet to some of the best new folk and acoustic talent.

Making Real Music

  • We help keep music live, by making real acoustic instruments widely available at affordable prices, and financially supporting live events.
  • We always encourage people to make music themselves, by taking up a musical instrument. You are never too young or too old to start!

Try the instruments for yourself! We keep a huge and varied stock of new and secondhand instruments.


Definition: (also spelt aud or oud) short necked, bowl back plucked lute of the Arab world, the direct ancestor of the European lute; principal instrument of the Arab world.
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