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Definition: European double reed wind instrument dating from the 12th century or earlier. Probably imported from the middle east and is the predecessor of the oboe. Most European countries have a folk version of it. See Bombarde, Gralla etc.
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Tony Dixon Polymer Low D Tuneable Whistle 3 part whistle, body made from Acetal material and head made from ABS plastic

Tony Dixon Polymer Low D Tuneable Whistle

3 part whistle, body made from Acetal material and head made from ABS plastic

Item ID: GR23058D   Model No: DX032D   
    Product Features
  • Acetal has the feel of hardwood but without any of the know problems with temperature and higher maintenance requirements.
  • The body is tapered, which allows the holes to be closer together making it perfect for smaller hands
  • A great solid, stable tone. Complete with a 3 piece whistle bag
    Product Specifications
  • A sturdy, reliable three piece flute with excellent intonation and tone. Perfect for the serious student.
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Model Number: DX032D
Complete With Gig Bag - Complete with Gig Bag
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Low Whistle Information

All plastic whistles with plastic mouthpiece and block are usually made of ABS resin and are usually sweet and mellow in sound. They tend to be easy to get a good tone and are hard to break.
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Advice on Choosing Low Whistles

Where to Start?

The whistle is a diatonic instrument with simple fingering, and it's very easy to learn to play - easier than the recorder. If you're thinking about beginning the whistle, it is advisable to begin with a normal (high) whistle in the key of D. It is generally considered to be the easiest to play, and pretty much all of the tutor books you can buy are for whistles in D (although they can be used for any key).

What Keys Can I Play In?
Whistles generally play two oct the full article
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Tony Dixon
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Tony Dixon's range of whistles and flutes has proved hugely popular at Hobgoblin. All are made in England and are fantastic value.