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Definition: A cittern popular in the 18th century, 10 strings, fan tuners, curved fingerboard. Almost identical to the Portuguese Guitar.
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Atlas 15 Note Cymbala, Small Zither Maple top, back and sides

Atlas 15 Note Cymbala, Small Zither

Maple top, back and sides

Item ID: GR63051   Model No: MELODY   
    Product Features
  • Comes complet with a set of tune sheets and tuning key.
  • Perfect for children to learn music
  • Just pick the notes indicated on the card one after another
    Product Specifications
  • 15 metal strings
  • tuned to key of C
  • Made in: Romania
  • Model Number: MELODY
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Autoharps Information

The Autoharp is currently easily the most popular instrument in the zither family, while the cymbala sounds great and is a perfect way for children to learn to make music. We stock Autoharps, Cymbalas, Appalachian Dulcimers, Hammered Dulcimers and Psalteries in all the shops.
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