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Price: $745.00

Rover 5 String Resonator Banjo

Heavy-duty, cast aluminum rim with integral tone ring in the standard 28cm diame

Item ID: XXRB-45   Model No: RB-45   
    Product Features
  • Nickel plated 2 piece flange
  • Mother-of-pearl dot position markers
    Product Specifications
  • Slim comfortable mahogany neck with fiddle shaped peghead and adjustable truss rod
  • Remo head secured by 24 brackets
  • Made in: China
  • Model Number: RB-45
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5 String Banjos Information

The 5-String G Banjo is used for Bluegrass music, usually in the style popularised by Earl Scruggs, and players look for a resonator and tone ring. For old time clawhammer or frailing styles, an open backed simpler model is better. Finger style classical banjo also uses the 5 string, but is less common now. Used for bluegrass and country music, and for old time and song accompaniment in the British Isles.
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