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Definition: Small Italian lute usually with 8 strings, sometimes 12. Now popular throughout the western world and often made with a flat back like a cittern.

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Timber Tones Classic 351 Pale Moon Ebony Pick Ideal for Acoustic Guitar & Archtop Jazz Guitar

Timber Tones Classic 351 Pale Moon Ebony Pick

Ideal for Acoustic Guitar & Archtop Jazz Guitar

Item ID: GR07214   Model No: CLASSIC 351   
    Product Features
  • Pale Moon Ebony has a soft Golden yellow timber with much harder dark streaks running through it.
  • Tone is dependent upon the color of the timber at the tip. Yellow soft tip will add some warmth, brown timbers will add some brightness to the tone.
  • Timber Tones are CNC Milled from the very best quality timber then hand sanded and hand polished to give them their amazing shine and smoothness.
    Product Specifications
  • Timber Tones unique shape is roughly based upon the classic 351 design, however they are 2.4mm thick where you hold them, chamfering down to 0.7mm at the playing tip.
  • Model Number: CLASSIC 351
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16/11/17 - New Line. Added to catalogue 16/11/17
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