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Definition: Large trapezoidal zither with many strings in pairs, 3s or 4s stretched over long (sometimes individually moveable) bridges. Played with small wooden or cane hammers. Played in British Isles and North America. Closely related to the Hungarian cymbalom, German/Swiss hackbrett, Iraqi and Iranian santir (probably the origin of all of these), Indian santoor, Korean yangum and Chinese yang qin.

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Bagpipes Galore Border Pipes in A Mouth Blown set of border pipes. Delrin chanter & mouthpiece

Bagpipes Galore Border Pipes in A

Mouth Blown set of border pipes. Delrin chanter & mouthpiece

Item ID: GX26036   Model No: BORDER   
    Product Features
  • 2 drones plastic drones
  • Breathable synthetic bag, bag cover and carry bag
  • Good sound and enough volume for most
    Product Specifications
  • They have very similar fingering to the highland bagpipe but can also play some extra notes through the use of alternate fingering. They have more chanter volume than small pipes but the same great drone sound
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Model Number: BORDER
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Scottish Bagpipes Information

The Great Highland Bagpipes are the best known of several types of Scottish Bagpipe, and are very loud and powerful instruments often used in marching bands. The bag is inflated with the mouth, and there are 2 tenor drones, 1 bass drone and an open chanter usually pitched in Bb, but the music is written in A.
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